History of the town

Evian, with its prestigious thermal past, truly cherishes its cultural heritage.

Explore its history and discover its most beautiful architectural gems!

Evian, a spa town

The benefits of water

The therapeutic properties of its mineral water have made Evian the renowned spa town that it is today.

As the water is reputed for properties that are beneficial to the kidneys and it also contains properties that make it suitable for hydration and engendering a feeling of well-being, it attracts thousands of clients to its spas every year.

At the Thermes Evian, boost your health and focus on what really matters!

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Evian, a town steeped in history

History trail

Use the plan of the town to follow the trail that is indicated by drops of water to visit the emblematic sights of the thermal spa town.

From Medieval times to the Belle Epoque, take a step back in time!

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Evian, a source of inspiration

Thanks to its water, the thermal spa town attracted illustrious figures:

Antoine Lumière, Marcel Proust and even the Countess Anna de Noailles stayed in Evian, a town that both inspired and provided a source of well-being for some exceptional people.

Find out more about the illustrious figures that left their mark on the town, in the comic called "Evian, Une fabuleuse histoire"

On sale at the Tourist Office of Evian and at the boutique of Palais Lumière.

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