Les Scènes Estivales - concert La Cafetera Roja


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For many, the first years of «La Cafetera Roja» were «The Spanish Inn», Klapisch’s 2002 film. A hip hop collective, festive rock, stage beasts, creators of a vitamin Eurorap.

A family chosen by ear, in Barcelona, in 2008, multi-generational, mixed, self-taught, a starry circle on an azure field, a European group, a prolific combo with already 4 albums and today, for the first time, an album knitted from a distance but finalized in the studio. A year's work, each at home, for this fifth Mozaik album to be released in spring.


Friday 26 July 2024 at 9.15 pm.


Square Henri Buet
quai Paul Léger
74500 Évian-les-Bains

Languages spoken:

  • French,